Information Sheet: Payments for Medical Reports
(for Applicants)

The CICB asks for reports from treatment providers because the information helps the board decide on appropriate compensation. Treatment providers include doctors, dentists, hospital or clinic staff, counsellors, therapists and others who treated any injuries you sustained as a result of the crime.

It is your responsibility to obtain these reports and send them to the CICB, or ensure your treatment providers send them to us directly. We will provide instructions on how to do this once we have processed your application. If you have trouble getting these reports, please let us know.

We will pay treatment providers directly for providing us with records or reports. Ensure that your file number appears on each invoice presented to the CICB for payment. The invoice should accompany the record or report.

We will pay the full cost of each hospital record and up to a maximum of $100 for each medical, dental or therapy report that we request.

We will not pay for records or reports that we have not specifically requested.

Note to Treatment Providers

The CICB will only pay for records and reports if you receive a formal CICB request form. If you do not receive a formal CICB request form, the CICB will not pay you for the record or report.

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Last updated: March 2017