Information Sheet: Written Hearings


The CICB can order an oral, electronic or written hearing. If there is enough material on file, we usually assign the application to a single adjudicator to conduct a written hearing. The adjudicator will decide on compensation based on the documents and information submitted by the parties.

We will inform you of the date that the adjudicator will conduct the written hearing but you do not attend.

Before the hearing

You must provide the CICB with all of the relevant material no later than 14 days before the hearing (see Rule 14.5 of the Rules of Procedure). If you do not send any information, the adjudicator may go ahead without your input and you will not be entitled to any further notice in the proceeding.

If you want to object to a written hearing you must submit your objection to the CICB within 14 days of being advised of the form of the hearing. An objection to a written hearing must explain why there is a good reason for not holding a written hearing. If the CICB decides that there is good reason for not holding a written hearing, it will schedule an oral or electronic hearing. Otherwise, the written hearing will proceed. You cannot object to a written hearing if the only purpose of the written hearing is to deal with procedural matters.

If it is not clear whether a crime of violence occurred, the CICB may notify the alleged offender about the application. The CICB's proceeding is not adversarial. Many CICB applications are decided on the basis of written materials and without an oral hearing. An alleged offender may be invited to participate in the proceeding by making written submissions. If you have concerns about the alleged offender being notified or receiving a copy of your application, tell us immediately during the application process.

The decision

After the hearing, we will email or mail the decision to you and your lawyer, if you have one. If you are awarded compensation, you will receive a cheque separately in the mail 30 days after you receive the written decision. If the claim is denied, we will describe the reasons for the denial in writing. We do not normally provide information about decisions over the phone.

More information

For more information, see the Application and Hearing Process section on the CICB website at

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Last updated: February 2018