Information Sheet: CICB Awards,
the Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works

CICB Awards and Social Assistance

You must tell your Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) case worker in writing about any award you receive from the CICB. If we placed a publication ban on our decision, it is your right to keep the reasons for the award confidential but you must still tell your caseworker that you received the award.

Our awards may have an impact on the benefits you receive from these programs. If you receive an award from the CICB for either pain and suffering or expenses, OW and ODSP will exempt all or part of your award from their calculations of assets or income:

Awards that are not for pain and suffering or expenses will be treated differently by these programs. For example, an award for loss of wages may reduce your OW or ODSP payments.

Your OW or ODSP caseworker will have more information. You can find your local OW or ODSP online using the Ontario Social Assistance Office Finder.

CICB Awards and Debts

Our awards cannot be seized or garnished by one of your creditors and your award cannot be assigned or transferred to anyone (See: section 20 of the Compensation for Victims of Crime Act ). This is true even if the creditor is a part of government.

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Last updated: March 2017