April 3, 2020

Please submit your applications, supporting documentation and case-related submissions by e-File. If you submit by mail or courier, you will experience processing delays. Until further notice, the Tribunal cannot receive materials by fax.

Using e-File

AABS e-File was developed to provide a simpler and faster option to file applications, responses and other documents. The e-File tool will guide users through the application, step-by-step, making the process easier to navigate. The instructions below have been developed to help users get started with AABS e-File. It explains what forms are available to on AABS e-File, the timeline, and other details on how to use the service. If you experience any issues accessing e-File or submitting your application or response, please email us at SLASTOinfo@ontario.ca and include “e-File” in the subject line.
  • Applicant Instructions (PDF)
  • Respondent Instructions (PDF)
Note: Documents you submit to the tribunal are available to the public on request subject to limited exceptions.

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