Language Services

French language services

The CICB’s documents and forms are available in both French and English. CICB hearings can be conducted in English, French or in both languages. If the application is filed in French, a bilingual member will be assigned to your hearing.

If a party or witness does not understand the language of the hearing, the CICB will arrange for an accredited French-English interpreter.

If you filed in English but would prefer to continue in French, or you filed in French but prefer to continue in English, let us know as soon as possible.

We are committed to ensuring that French language services are clearly visible, easily accessible, publicized and of equivalent quality to services offered in English. See Tribunals Ontario French Language Services Policy for more information. (The CICB is one of the expert adjudicative tribunals that make up Tribunals Ontario.)

Languages other than English or French

The CICB can provide interpreters for hearings for languages other than French or English, including sign language. Request an interpreter as soon as possible and well in advance of your hearing. Include the request on your application form or call us.

All correspondence submitted to the CICB must be in English or French.