Rules of Procedure
for Hearings Conducted Under the Education Act

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Table of Contents

Part I - Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Common Rules

Part II - Ontario Special Education (English) Tribunal Specific Rules

Part I - Social Justice Tribunals Ontario Common Rules


Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO) is a cluster of eight adjudicative tribunals with a mandate to resolve applications and appeals under statutes relating to child and family services oversight, youth justice, human rights, residential tenancies, disability support and other social assistance, special education and victim compensation.

The SJTO is committed to providing quality dispute resolution across the cluster including ensuring that its procedures are transparent and understandable. Identifying common procedures and values across the SJTO and, where appropriate, harmonizing those procedures improves access to justice and fosters consistency in the application of fundamental principles of fairness.

These Common Rules are grounded in the core adjudicative values and principles of the SJTO which govern the work of the cluster. The Common Rules provide a consistent overarching framework of common procedures that will continue to evolve.

How to Use These Rules

  1. The SJTO Common Rules apply to all cases in any SJTO tribunal and form part of the rules and procedures of each tribunal.
  2. For more specific rules please refer to the rules and procedures of:

Part A - Adjudicative Values and Interpretive Principles

A1 Application

The Common Rules apply to the proceedings of the SJTO. The Common Rules form part of the rules of each SJTO tribunal.

A2 Definitions

"rules and procedures" includes rules, practice directions, policies, guidelines and procedural directions;
"tribunal" means any SJTO tribunal or board.

A3 Interpretation

A4 Tribunal Powers

A5 Accommodation of Human Rights Code - Related Needs

A6 Language

A7 Courtesy and Respect

A8 Abuse of Process

A9 Representatives

A10 Litigation Guardians

Part II - Ontario Special Education (English) Tribunal
Specific Rules

Part II - Ontario Special Education (English) Tribunal Specific Rules

Rule 1 - Preamble

Rule 2 - General

Rule 3 - Definitions

Rule 4 - Time Computation

Rule 5 - Service and Filing of Documents

Rule 6 - Communications with the Tribunal

Rule 7 - Commencement of Appeal

Rule 8 - Pre-Hearing Conference

Rule 9 - Mediation

Rule 10 - Format of Proceedings

Rule 11 - Preliminary Motions

Rule 12 - Exchange of Information and Disclosure

Rule 13 - Witnesses

Rule 14 - Evidence

Rule 15 - Decisions

Rule 16 - Panel Members

Rule 17 - Consent Orders

Rule 18 - Seized Cases

Rule 19 - Dismissal of an Appeal Without a Hearing

Effective as of October 24, 2017