In December 2014, the HRTO took a further step to ensure transparency in its processes, consistent with fostering an open justice system. Over the years, the HRTO guides for applicants and respondents indicated that HRTO’s decisions are public and are made available on various websites. In particular, HRTO has referred parties to research human rights law through Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII), a free internet resource offering access to legal documents and copies of the HRTO’s decisions issued since 2005: To ensure that participants in tribunal hearings are aware of the public nature of decisions, the “declaration” portion of the application and response forms now makes it clear that HRTO decisions are available to the public. Simultaneously, the “declaration” informs parties that the Tribunal may issue decisions that protect the identity of an applicant or a respondent in certain circumstances. The Tribunal is sensitive to the fact that there might be privacy concerns that must be balanced against the public interest in an open justice system.