New process being tested at Southwest, Central and Toronto North offices

Some parties are now leaving their hearing with an order in their hands. Since October 5th, LTB members (adjudicators) at three locations have been issuing two types of orders in the hearing room.

The two types of orders are:

  • Consent orders on applications for eviction based on arrears of rent, where the parties have agreed to a repayment schedule which allows the tenant to remain in the unit.
  • Orders where the application has been abandoned, withdrawn or discontinued.

Previously, the member wrote the order after the hearing and then staff would mail copies to the parties, a process which can take several days.

Certain members from the LTB’s Southwest, Central and Toronto North offices are testing the new procedure. The members are writing the orders by hand using a template.

This is one way the Landlord and Tenant Board is improving access to fair and timely dispute resolution.