Starting September 15, 2014, all T2 Applications about Tenant Rights and all T6 Applications about Maintenance, assigned to the Landlord and Tenant Board’s Southern and Toronto South Regions, will be scheduled for a case management hearing to be conducted prior to a merits hearing being scheduled.

Case management hearings will allow the parties to:

  • mutually agree to resolve all of the issues in the application without attending a subsequent merits hearing
  • mutually agree to resolve some of the issues in the application thereby reducing the number of issues to be resolved at a merits hearing
  • mutually develop an agreed statement of facts to focus the merits hearing on issues in dispute
  • benefit from procedural direction from the hearing officer in order to be better prepared for the merits hearing.

We would like to thank the individuals and organizations who provided input into the development of this initiative through the stakeholder consultation process.

The pilot will be evaluated based on settlement rates, level of preparedness for a merits hearing and the type of adjournments requested at a merits hearing.

Based upon the evaluation of the pilot, the LTB, in consultation with its stakeholders, will consider expanding the use of case management hearings to other LTB offices and other types of applications.

For more information, refer to the practice direction and the rules of practice.