September 4, 2018
All Paper Applications Will be Processed in the Order they are Received

Starting Monday, September 17, 2018, applications dropped off in-person at a Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) office will no longer be processed on the spot.

Applications will be processed according to the date received regardless of whether they were dropped off at the front counter or received by mail or by fax. Applicants will receive a notice of hearing with the date and time of their hearing by mail, usually within five business days. This shift ensures that applications are processed in the order they are received and enables the LTB to redirect staff resources to where they are needed most.

Clients are encouraged to file their application online through LTB e-File. E-File is available for the four most common LTB applications (L1, L2, T2, T6). LTB e-File is cheaper than a paper application, and allows clients to submit their application and receive a hearing date at the same time. Applications submitted through e-File will continue to be processed the next day.

For clients choosing to file an application in-person at a LTB office, beginning September 17, 2018:

  • People paying by credit card can wait to drop off their application with the customer service officer at the front counter.
  • People paying by debit card or cash can pay at the front counter. Once the payment is processed, staff will place the application for processing with the others received that day.