The SBT is introducing new Rules of Procedure in 2016. Here are some of the new requirements that start on January 1.

For appellants

  1. Use a form to file new medical information in a disability appeal.

    Any medical documents must be sent to the Disability Adjudication Unit and the SBT together with a completed New Medical Information (Form 5).

  2. Use a form if you plan to argue that the legislation or a regulation contravenes the Human Rights Code.

    If you plan to argue that the legislation or a regulation contravenes the Human Rights Code, you must file a Notice of Human Rights Code Claim (Form 4) with your appeal or at least 60 days before the hearing.

For respondents

  1. Responding to an appeal is mandatory.

    Within 30 days of receiving notice of the appeal, the respondent must complete a Response to Appeal (Form 3) and:

    1. deliver to the appellant
    2. file it with the SBT

    The Response to Appeal:

    1. provides contact information for the respondent’s representative
    2. identifies any preliminary objections or jurisdiction issues
    3. indicates if, and when, a written submission will be provided

For everyone

  1. Prepare your documents in a specific way.

    • Use blue or black ink.
    • Double space the text and leave margins on the page.
    • Number the pages.
    • If you are sending more than one document, include a cover page that lists the title of each document and its page number.
  2. Provide confirmation that documents for a hearing were filed with SBT and delivered to the other parties.

    • Use the Statement of Delivery (Form 7) to confirm that the documents were delivered.
  3. Provide a list of witnesses.

    • You must provide a list of all witnesses to the other parties and the SBT at least 20 days before the hearing.

These are just some of the changes that will start on January 1. It’s your responsibility to understand and follow the new rules. Read all the new Rules of Procedure and preview the forms.