In March 2015, the SBT invited some legal clinics, OW and ODSP offices to start submitting inquiries and small documents by email as part of a pilot project.

The email communication pilot is now expanding and we are recruiting more participants.

Current participants are telling us that this is what they like about using email:

  1. You know that your full communication has been received: No more lost pages and no worries about whether the fax machines are working.
  2. If your regular contact is out of the office, you know that someone will be assigned to process your submission or inquiry.

Email submissions also use less paper – there’s no cover page and staff don’t need to print the documents in every case. Email is greener! Participants still have the option to submit documents by fax or mail.

The deadline to join this phase of the pilot is Friday, September 25.

To join the pilot or get more information, call us at 416-326-0978, or 1-800-753-3895 and ask to speak with the Assistant Registrar Geoff Lacny or Registrar Alexandra Alvarado-Bowen.

As a participant in the pilot, your feedback will be used to shape the future of email communication at the SBT. Call or email us today!