May 1, 2019
Access and Privacy Policy

Tribunals Ontario is committed to delivering administrative justice in a fair, independent and timely manner. As part of this commitment, Tribunals Ontario ensures openness and transparency in its proceedings, including public access to hearings, decisions and records. Our new policy confirms this commitment.

In a proceeding before our boards and tribunals, sensitive personal information, including names, contact information, medical, financial, employment, and educational information can become public. Documents that parties submit, including any tribunal forms, evidence or legal arguments submitted for a hearing can also become public. These things can become public in an open hearing, in decisions or orders or in response to a request, unless an order to restrict access is made.

Tribunals Ontario’s approach of openness aligns with the courts’ approach that hearings are presumed to be open to the public.

It is also important to note that while openness is the rule at most of Tribunals Ontario’s boards and tribunals, access to hearings and records may be restricted by a statutory provision or for other legal reasons.

Background Information