CFSRB: Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure Rules There are two parts to the rules that govern the procedures of the Child and Family Services Review Board (CFSRB). Part I is the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO) Common Rules and Part II is the CFSRB specific rules. Both parts should be read together. CFSRB Rules of Procedure Technical Note:… Continue reading CFSRB: Rules of Procedure

OSET: Appeal & Hearing Process

Note: Documents you submit to the tribunal are available to the public on request, subject to limited exceptions. Appeal and Hearing Process Print-friendly Before you appeal to the OSET Every school board has a Parent’s Guide to Special Education that describes the procedures for identification of exceptionalities and making decisions about placement. It also explains the… Continue reading OSET: Appeal & Hearing Process

SBT: Appeal & Hearing Process

Appeal and Hearing Process Show All | Hide All | Print-friendly Step 1: Before you file Internal review If you do not agree with the decision of your Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or Ontario Works (OW) Office, you must ask the office which made the decision for an internal review. The SBT does not… Continue reading SBT: Appeal & Hearing Process