Practice Direction on Establishing a Regular Contact Person for an Organization

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The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (the HRTO) has developed the following approach to establishing a regular contact person for an organization. The procedure outlined below provides general information only. It is not a rule within the meaning of the HRTO's Rules of Procedure. The HRTO may vary the approach to this procedure where appropriate.


When an applicant names an organization as a respondent, they are asked to provide the name of a contact person for that organization. If the named contact person is not the right person within the organization to receive a human rights application, delays can result.

If an organization would like to establish a regular contact person for the delivery of applications, the HRTO will use that person as the contact in any application naming that organization, regardless of the contact person named in the application.

Please note that this does not change the practice for individuals named as respondents. Any individual named in the application as a respondent will continue to be treated as a party to the proceeding.


If an organization would like to establish a regular contact for the organization, please send the following information to the Registrar:

Should the contact person for the organization change, please contact the Registrar and provide the information requested above.

Effective as of November 2015