Practice Direction on Hearings in Regional Centres

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The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (the HRTO) has developed the following approach to regional hearing centres. The procedure outlined below provides general information only. It is not a rule within the meaning of the HRTO's Rules of Procedure. The HRTO may vary its approach where appropriate.

The HRTO is committed to making its hearings and mediations accessible. The HRTO will hold hearings in the following regional centres: Toronto; Hamilton; Kingston; London; North Bay; Ottawa; Sarnia; Sault Ste. Marie; St. Catharines; Sudbury; Timmins; Thunder Bay; and Windsor.

The HRTO may hold hearings in locations other than the ones listed above in order to accommodate Code-related or other needs of the parties or their witnesses. Any request for a change in location should be in writing and made to the Registrar as soon as possible

Effective as of March 2013