Practice Direction on Requests for Language Interpretation

(Disponible en fran├žais)

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (the HRTO) has developed the following approach to requests for language interpretation. The procedure outlined below provides general information only. It is not a rule within the meaning of the HRTO's Rules of Procedure. The HRTO may vary the approach to language interpretation where appropriate.

Where a party requires language interpretation or sign language interpretation services in order to participate fully in a hearing (including a Case Resolution Conference), or mediation, and makes a request that the HRTO provide such services, the HRTO will provide for interpretation services to be available to the requesting party at the hearing and/or in the mediation conference.

Requests for language interpretation or sign language interpretation services must be made to the Registrar as soon as possible and well in advance of a scheduled hearing or mediation. Please contact the appropriate Registrar to make your request.

Effective as of March 2010