Participating in a Zoom Video Hearing at the LTB

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Before the Day of Your Hearing

A link to download Zoom is included on your Notice of Video Hearing. Download and run Zoom to make sure it’s working correctly before your hearing day. If you’ve never used Zoom, try connecting with someone you know to practice.

On the Day of Your Hearing

Scheduled start time

Your Notice of Case Management Hearing or Notice of Video Hearing will provide your hearing start time. Join the video hearing early, at the time indicated on your Notice of Hearing.

In most cases, many other hearings will be scheduled at the same time as yours. You will likely see other people who are not involved with your case on the video call. The adjudicator will tell you when it’s time for your application to be heard.

Find a quiet space

Try to find a quiet, private space with minimal distractions so you can concentrate on your hearing. Use a headset with a microphone, if you have one, to reduce background noise and improve sound clarity.

Connect early

Join the videoconference hearing early, at the time indicated on your Notice of Hearing, so there is time to address any technical issues. Once you connect, you will automatically enter a waiting room. You may not be admitted into the hearing right away. If joining from a phone or computer that has video, ensure your video is turned on. To minimize background noise, mute your microphone when you are not speaking. Please continue to wait as we often have lots of parties joining. Once you are admitted, a hearing moderator or the adjudicator will take attendance and explain how the hearing will be organized. At this point, you can request mediation and, if you are a tenant, you can ask to speak with Tenant Duty Counsel for legal advice.

Use your legal first and last name

When you join the videoconference proceeding, you will be asked to enter your name. The name that you enter will be displayed for all participants to see. Type your legal first and last name.

Minimize disruptions

Technical difficulties

If your video or sound is interrupted, ask whether other participants can hear you. If they can, continue speaking; the image may reappear once bandwidth returns to normal. If problems continue, some of the participants may be asked to turn off their video. If the session ends unexpectedly, please try re-connecting. If the Zoom video platform is not working, use the toll-free number on your Notice of Video Hearing to participate by phone.

No recordings: It is an offence under section 29 of the Statutory Powers Procedure Act to record, reproduce or disseminate a recording without the LTB’s authorization.

Hearings open to the public: Most hearings are open to the public. This means that observers can attend.

Objecting, responding or commenting: There will be points during your hearing when you will want to object, respond or comment. The moderator, adjudicator or Dispute Resolution Officer will explain the best way to do this, including how to use the "raise hand" function in Zoom.

Participating in French

By Phone: If you are joining your hearing by phone, dial into the teleconference line and enter the meeting ID (passcode) provided in your Notice of Video Hearing. An English recording will play first, followed by a French one. It takes approximately ten seconds to hear the French recording.

By Zoom: If you are joining your hearing from your computer or cell phone using Zoom, switch your default language to French. Enter your “Zoom Profile” and select “French” in the language option.

Controls You Will Use During the Hearing

This is an image of the mute icon.

This icon allows you to connect to the hearing's audio. You can mute or unmute your microphone by selecting this button.

This is an image of the raise hand icon.

This icon allows you to raise your hand to signal that you would like to speak. When you are done speaking, click the icon again to lower your hand.

This is an image of the stop video icon.

This icon allows you to start or stop your video.

Closed captioning: If you would like closed captioning, ask the moderator or adjudicator to turn it on for you.

Joining Your Hearing by Phone

You may join a Zoom videoconference by phone. You will not be able to see the other participants and they will not be able to see you, but you will be able to hear each other.

The toll-free phone number to call and the meeting ID code are on your Notice of Video Hearing. You will be asked to enter the meeting ID, followed by the pound/hashtag sign (#).

If the hearing has not already started and the host has not yet joined, press # to wait for the host.

Once the hearing moderator or adjudicator lets you into the meeting, you will be connected to the hearing. You will be on mute.

The moderator or adjudicator will ask for your name and enter it into Zoom so that the others in the meeting can see that you are in attendance and know who is speaking.

To mute and unmute yourself, press *6.

To signal that you wish to speak, press *9. This will show that you have raised your hand. Lower your hand by also pressing *9.

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Last updated: July 2021