Service Standards Policy
Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act, 2009

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The purpose of the Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act, 2009 (“ATAGAA”) is to ensure that adjudicative tribunals are accountable, transparent and efficient in their operations, while remaining independent in their decision-making.

Tribunals Ontario has developed documents to meet the legislative requirements of the ATAGAA.

Section 5 of the ATAGAA requires that every adjudicative tribunal shall develop a service standard policy. The policy must contain, among other things, a statement of the standards of service that the tribunal intends to provide. This policy sets out Tribunals Ontario’s service standards.

Services Framework

Memorandum of




Tribunals Ontario’s commitment to service standards is guided by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Attorney General (AG) and the Executive Chair (EC). The MOU establishes the accountabilities of AG, EC, Deputy Attorney General, and Executive Director, and the expectations for the operational, administrative, financial, auditing and reporting arrangements.

Further to the MOU, Tribunals Ontario will establish regular Business Plans that confirm its mandate, strategic directions, priorities, timelines, performance measures, and targets.

Service Standard Practices

Tribunals Ontario has established the following practices in order to implement its Service Standards:

  1. Policies, Procedures and Rules of Practice
    The constituent tribunals of Tribunals Ontario have developed Rules of Practice, policies and/or procedures that set out the processes each tribunal follows in carrying out its mandate. For this information, refer Tribunals Ontario’s or contact the Office of the Executive Chair, Tribunals Ontario.

  2. Access to Records
    Tribunals Ontario will adhere to an Access to Records Policy. Tribunals Ontario is guided by the open court principle and is committed to transparency, accountability and accessibility in its decision-making and operations.

  3. French Language Services
    Tribunals Ontario is committed to an active offer of French Language Services and to actively engaging with the Francophone community to ensure its services reflect and meet the needs of the population it serves. Tribunal Ontario will adhere to a French Language Services Policy developed to:
    1. Ensure compliance with the provisions of the French Language Services Act in guaranteeing the right to receive services in French
    2. Inform the public how Tribunals Ontario provides French Language Services
    3. Reflect Tribunals Ontario’s commitment to the provision of French Language Services and to establish the organization as a leader in the administrative justice sector

  4. Accessibility and Accommodation
    Tribunals Ontario will adhere to an Accessibility and Accommodation Policy designed to provide an inclusive and accessible environment in which all members of the public have equitable access to our services.

  5. Performance Measures and Targets
    Tribunals Ontario will establish performance measures that will inform the public about standard processing timelines and will help the tribunals evaluate how to best deploy resources.

  6. Making Complaints
    Tribunals Ontario is governed by a Public Complaints Policy, which is appended to this document. This Public Complaints Policy articulates how complaints may be made to Tribunals Ontario (in writing), how the complaint will be processed, and differentiates between complaints against staff and those against Members, Vice Chairs, Associate Chairs, the Alternate Executive Chair, the Executive Director and the Executive Chair. The Policy also deals with general complaints about Tribunals Ontario’s Policies and Procedures. The Public Complaints Policy further commits to timeliness and confidentiality.

Nothing in this Policy shall be interpreted as affecting, where applicable:

  1. a process or remedy available under the Ombudsman Act;
  2. a right of appeal from decisions of the tribunals available under any Act; or
  3. a right to bring an application for judicial review.

Alternative Formats

This Policy is available in various accessible formats including Braille, audio tape and large print. For alternative format or a paper copy, please contact the Office of the Executive Chair, Tribunals Ontario.


This policy will be reviewed every 3 years along with the other documentation required by ATAGAA.

This Policy was jointly adopted by the Executive Director and the Executive Chair on August 28, 2020.

Tribunals Ontario – Service Standards Policy