Video Transcript:
The Early Resolution Opportunity
with the Social Benefits Tribunal

When you participate in an Early Resolution Opportunity, or ERO, you get a chance to talk to a representative from OW or ODSP about the issue you're appealing before your hearing. During an ERO, you can exchange information with the OW or ODSP to clarify or even resolve the issue you are appealing.

Your ERO will be scheduled one to two months after your appeal is filed. You will receive a Notice of ERO in the mail. The notice tells you when the ERO will happen and how to participate.

An ERO is voluntary. The ERO will not take place unless both sides agree to participate. If you don't want to participate in an Early Resolution Opportunity, contact the SBT. You will simply proceed to your hearing without an ERO taking place.

It's important that you prepare for your ERO. If you have any documents you would like to discuss during the ERO, send them to the SBT and to your local ODSP or OW office so they have a chance to review them in advance. These documents may include bank statements, travel documents or employment records.

An ERO is held over the phone. On your Notice of ERO, you will find a toll free number and conference ID. When the date of your ERO arrives, call the number and enter your conference ID followed by the pound sign when prompted. You may have to wait on the line until an SBT Appeal Resolution Officer greets you. If you have difficulty calling in, contact the SBT at 1-800-753-3895.

There are three parties who will be present during your ERO:

ERO sessions are confidential. Anything discussed between you and the CPO during the call cannot be shared with anyone outside of the ERO and cannot be referred to during the hearing unless both parties agree.

Both you and the CPO need to be comfortable with any agreement reached. If you don't reach an agreement, then your appeal will proceed to a hearing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the SBT by telephone at 416-326-0978 or toll free at 1-800-753-3895, or visit our website at