Instructions to Submit an Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) Application OR a Response Form Online

(Disponible en français)

HRTO forms can be completed electronically and submitted by email to

Note: is only to be used for submitting your initial application. Afterwards, all other correspondence and documents must be sent to

  1. Download and save the Application ("Form 1") or Response to an Application ("Form 2") to your computer.
  2. Complete each field of the form and use the Applicant Guide or the Respondent Guide to help you complete the form.
  3. Save the form on your computer with the following name: This is an example of how it should be named and saved: Form 1 – [name]
  4. Open your email service provider (e.g., Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.)
  5. On the subject line of the email, you must include the following information:
  6. Attach required documents to the email ensuring each document has been identified and saved as follows: Examples of document titles:

Document type: Only attach the following type of documents

Acceptable format: Only the following document formats are accepted

Total document size: Ensure that the total size of all documents combined is no more than 30 megabytes (30MB).


Please scan the document for virus before sending them to HRTO.

  1. Once your form and relevant documents are included in your email, please send to
  2. Once the application is received and if complete, the HRTO will notify the applicant and provide a file number and the application will be served on the responding party (parties).