SJTO Member Diversity Survey Results: 2017 and 2015

Q1. What tribunal or board do you work for?

Q2. Are you?

Q3. What languages do you speak fluently? Choose all that apply.

Q4. Are you francophone?

Q5. Are you?

Q6. What describes you best?

Q7. What describes you best? Select all that apply.

Q8. What is your religion?

Q9. Do you have a disability? For this survey, you are a person with a disability if you have a long-term condition or health problem which: limits you in your daily activities ("sometimes", "often" or "always"), or makes you unable to do certain tasks or only do them with a lot of difficulty ("rarely").

Q10. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, do you consider your disability:

Q11. How old are you?