Tribunals Ontario is committed to ongoing consultation with stakeholders and the public on issues of process, procedure, service and accessibility. Where we are proposing new or amended Rules or policies, we will post the proposed revisions on our website for a minimum of two weeks.

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Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

The Landlord and Tenant Board is seeking input on proposed revisions to its Rules, guidelines and forms.

Proposed Changes to LTB Documents and Forms for Review and Comment (HTML):

  • Proposed changes to the LTB Rules of Procedure (PDF)
  • Proposed changes to LTB Interpretation Guideline 1 – Adjourning and Rescheduling Hearings (PDF | HTML)
  • Proposed changes to the Practice Direction on Case Management Hearings (PDF | HTML)
  • Proposed changes to the Payment Agreement Form (PDF)

By email:

August 20, 2020