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Important Notice

February 1, 2022

The Ontario Parole Board (OPB) is continuing to schedule and hold parole hearings.

The OPB is temporarily changing its processes to conduct hearings by electronic or written means, rather than solely in-person.

If you experience technical difficulties with the teleconference lines, please continue to try as the system may be temporarily busy.

Recent amendments to Ontario regulations permit applications for temporary absences to be approved by the Ministry of the Solicitor General.

If referred to by the Ministry of the Solicitor General, the OPB will continue to review temporary absences longer than 72 hours in duration. Learn more about our new processes (PDF).

About the OPB

The Ontario Parole Board (OPB) is an independent, inquisitorial agency. It is one of the thirteen tribunals that form Tribunals Ontario.

The OPB makes parole decisions for applicants serving a sentence of less than two years in a provincial correctional institution. The OPB also decides applications for temporary absences from a correctional institution for greater than 72 hours.

Latest News

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