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Important Notice

January 12, 2021

The Social Benefits Tribunal continues to provide services to the public. All in-person service counters are closed until further notice. Use email if possible, to contact our boards and tribunals. Learn more about our COVID-19 operations.

About the SBT

The Social Benefits Tribunal hears appeals from people who have either been refused social assistance or who receive social assistance but disagree with a decision that affects:

  • their eligibility for assistance
  • the amount of assistance they receive
  • the benefits they receive

The Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) is established under Part IV of the Ontario Works Act, 1997. Appeals are heard under that act and the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997.

The SBT is one of the thirteen tribunals that make up Tribunals Ontario (TO).

Latest News

TO | August 6, 2020
Statement on Associate Chair Appointments to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and Social Benefits Tribunal

Sean Weir, Executive Chair of Tribunals Ontario, issued the following statement on Associate Chair appointments to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and Social Benefits Tribunal:

“I am pleased to announce the …

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