TO: Videoconferencing

Guide to Videoconferencing Proceedings Last Updated: October 21, 2022 Important Notice October 21, 2022: Tribunals Ontario has created new video guides to help you participate in your proceeding. Watch them below or on the Tribunals Ontario Youtube channel. This page provides information to help you prepare for a virtual proceeding on Zoom, such as a… Continue reading TO: Videoconferencing

TO: Complaints

Complaints about Services Received from Tribunals Ontario Tribunals Ontario (TO) is committed to providing high quality service to the public. As part of that commitment, we have a complaints process. Before you send us a complaint, please read the TO Public Complaints Policy. The complaints process is for complaining about the service you received from… Continue reading TO: Complaints

TO: Consultations

Consultations Tribunals Ontario is committed to ongoing consultation with stakeholders and the public on issues of process, procedure, service and accessibility. Our Public Consultation Policy outlines our approach to consultation and stakeholder engagement. Tribunals Ontario recognizes the importance of both in understanding the needs and perspectives of its stakeholders. Tribunals Ontario consults formally and informally… Continue reading TO: Consultations

TO: Accessibility and Diversity

Accessibility and Diversity Access to justice, diversity and inclusion are core values of Tribunals Ontario. Tribunals Ontario values the capacity and strength that diversity brings to an organization. We are committed to reflecting Ontario’s diversity in our workforce and to providing a barrier free work environment. Tribunals Ontario believes that everyone should be given an… Continue reading TO: Accessibility and Diversity

TO: Request an Accommodation

Request an Accommodation Overview Request an accommodation After you request an accommodation Common requests for accommodation Contact your tribunal and additional information 1. Overview Accommodations are arrangements that allow everyone to participate fully in the tribunal process, regardless of their abilities. You can request an accommodation by submitting an Accommodation Request Form. If you are… Continue reading TO: Request an Accommodation