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Tribunals Ontario is committed to ongoing consultation with stakeholders and the public on issues of process, procedure, service and accessibility.

Our Public Consultation Policy outlines our approach to consultation and stakeholder engagement. Tribunals Ontario recognizes the importance of both in understanding the needs and perspectives of its stakeholders.

Tribunals Ontario consults formally and informally with a variety of stakeholders on a number of topics including:

  • tribunal policies
  • rules, guidelines and practice directions
  • new programs and initiatives
  • scheduling changes
  • process design reviews
  • forms and applications

Consultations can occur in a number of different ways including through email inquiries/submissions, online questionnaires and surveys, or through one-time or ongoing meetings.

Some highlights include:

The Assessment Review Board meets quarterly with stakeholders through its Appeals Management Committee, which includes representatives from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, municipalities, law firms and tax agents

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario meets regularly with the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Legal Support Centre as the “three pillars” of the human rights community

The Landlord and Tenant Board continues to meet regularly with stakeholders on changes to rules and processes, and over the course of 2021 and 2022 organized demonstrations of features and education sessions related to the Tribunals Ontario Portal. In 2021/22, the LTB held over 40 stakeholder meetings and speaking engagements

The Licence Appeal Tribunal - Automobile Accident Benefits Service met with stakeholders to gather feedback on its operational processes, resulting in the launch of a canvassing-based scheduling model for all oral adjudicative events which gives parties the opportunity to select case conference and oral hearing dates

The Social Benefits Tribunal meets with stakeholders at least twice per year to discuss and share information regarding processes, adjudicator recruitment, backlog and scheduling practices.


2023 Consultations

Tribunal Description Closing date

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO)

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario sought stakeholder feedback to simplify its primary intake form, Form 1: Individual Application, to better meet the needs of applicants and to help fairly, efficiently and effectively resolve claims of discrimination and harassment brought under the Human Rights Code.

May 2023

Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

The LTB requested stakeholder feedback on a proposed initiative to hold hearings during evenings and on weekends.

January 2023

2022 Consultations

Tribunal Description Closing date

Tribunals Ontario – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - ACRB, ARB, CFSRB, CRB, FSC, HRTO, OCPC, OPB, OSETs, LAT GS and SBT

Tribunals Ontario implemented new KPIs across all 13 of our tribunals as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that the services we provide meet the needs of our users. As part of this initiative, tribunals revised or updated their existing KPIs to begin tracking performance against these new organizational KPIs.

Tribunals Ontario asked for feedback on most tribunal KPIs, with additional consultations planned for the remaining tribunals in 2023.

November / December 2022

Tribunals Ontario – Fire Safety Commission (FSC) appeal / application processes

In 2022, the Fire Safety Commission looked at ways to improve their appeal and application processes. Tribunals Ontario partnered with the Ontario Public Service - Ontario Digital Service Research Lab team to independently conduct research sessions and share their findings.

The sessions were:

  • 1-on-1 interviews
  • conducted online
  • approximately 60 minutes long
  • confidential

The consultation period has closed

Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT)

SBT consulted with stakeholders to help develop a new Consent and Authorization Form 11 and updated Appeal Form 1 to actively offer French services.

August 2022


For our past consultations and stakeholder engagement, see our archived Tribunals Ontario consultations.