IMPORTANT: Change of Mailing Address

Our office at 20 Dundas St. W, Suite 503, Toronto is no longer in service.

Until further notice, the following changes are in place for submitting documents through mail. If you submit by mail or courier, you will experience processing delays.

Mail should be addressed to:

Fire Safety Commission
15 Grosvenor Street, Ground Floor
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2G6

Some forms and documents may temporarily contain old addresses. Please disregard the old addresses and send all forms and documents to the address listed above. Updates to old forms will be made shortly.

Important! Download forms to your computer by right clicking on the PDF icon and selecting “Save link as” and then open the form on your computer. Do not open the forms directly in your browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari) because some browsers will not allow you to complete and save the form.

New Forms:

  • Accommodation Request Form (PDF)
    Please submit the Accommodation Request Form to the FSC Registrar at
  • Request for Reconsideration Form (PDF)
    Please submit the Request for Reconsideration Form to the FSC Registrar at
  • Request for French Language Services Form (PDF)
    Please submit the French Language Services form to the FSC Registrar at

Available forms can be accessed below:

  • Adjournment Request (HTML or PDF)
  • Application for an Authorization (HTML or PDF)
  • Declaration of Representative (HTML or PDF)
  • Notice of Appeal (HTML or PDF)
  • Notice of Withdrawal (HTML or PDF)
  • Summons to a Witness (HTML or PDF)
Note: Documents you submit to the commission are available to the public on request subject to limited exceptions.