LTB: Rules, Practice Directions and Guidelines

Rules, Practice Directions and Guidelines Rules These are the rules that govern procedures at the LTB – last updated on March 8, 2022. Landlord and Tenant Board Rules Practice Directions Practice directions support the rules and provide guidance about what the tribunal expects of the parties and what the parties can expect of the tribunal. […]

TDO: Règles

Règles Règles communes Les Règles communes de Tribunaux de justice sociale Ontario (TJSO) s’appliquent à toutes les causes devant tout tribunal faisant partie du groupe de TJSO et prévoient un cadre uniforme pour les procédures dans l’ensemble du groupe. Les Règles communes font partie des règles et procédures de chaque tribunal et doivent être lues […]

TO: Rules Of Procedure

Rules of Procedure Common Rules The Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO) Common Rules of Procedure apply to all cases in any SJTO tribunal and provide a consistent framework of procedures across the cluster. Common Rules of Procedure form part of the rules and procedures of each tribunal and are to be read together with the […]