Note: Documents you submit to the board are available to the public on request, subject to limited exceptions.

Filing and Fees

Until further notice, the following changes are in place for submitting documents through mail. If you submit by mail or courier, you will experience processing delays.

Courier mail should be addressed to:

Landlord and Tenant Board
25 Grosvenor Street, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON M7A 1R1

Mail sent through Canada Post should be addressed to the respective LTB regional office address.

April 16, 2020

ServiceOntario Centres are limiting the intake of Landlord and Tenant Board applications to the following circumstances:

  • the application represents an emergency situation
  • the applicant has no access to a computer
  • the applicant’s only option for payment is by cash, certified cheque, or money order
  • other limitations to applicant’s alternate filing options.

Please visit ServiceOntario Centres for a list of locations that accept applications and documents on behalf of the LTB.

Most LTB applications can be submitted via e-file. If you can’t use e-file, send your application by mail or fax to your LTB regional office.


File more quickly and avoid mistakes and delays using LTB e-File. The e-File tool will guide you through the application, step-by-step. You will also be able to schedule the first available hearing date and pay your application fee on our secure site.

You can file your application in person, by mail, or by fax at any LTB office or drop it off at one of 60 ServiceOntario Centres. For a list of these locations, see: Contact the LTB.

In most cases, you must pay a fee to file an application. If you don’t include the fee, the application will be sent back to you.

When you submit your application, staff will check your application form and the supporting documents. They will also check to make sure the application has been filed on time. If staff find mistakes in your application, it may be refused or you may be contacted to fix the errors.

Exclamation mark Follow the instructions and fill out your form carefully and completely. Staff will check for mistakes but you are responsible for making sure your form is complete and correct. If your application or notice has mistakes or information is missing, the LTB member could dismiss your application.

For forms and fees for co-op eviction applications, see: Non-Profit Co-op Evictions.


Application fees must be paid at the time an application is filed. If you don’t include the fee, the application will be sent back to you.

Payments are accepted in cash, debit card, Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, certified cheque (payable to the Minister of Finance) or money order.

You may request a fee waiver if you meet the financial eligibility requirements in the Practice Direction on Fee Waiver. To apply for a waiver, complete the Fee Waiver Request.

For fees for co-op eviction applications, see: Non-Profit Co-op Evictions.

Filing fees for landlords
Application to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent and to collect rent the tenant owes
(Form L1)
$186 by e-File
Application to End a Tenancy and Evict a Tenant (Form L2) $201
$186 by e-File
Application about Whether the Act Applies (Form A1) $53
Application for a Rent Increase Above the Guideline (Form L5) $233 for first ten units + $10 for each additional unit to a maximum of $1,000
Application to End a Tenancy and Evict a Tenant - Tenant Failed to Meet Conditions of a Settlement or Order (Form L4) No charge
All other landlord applications $201
Request to Review an Order $58
Landlord's Motion to Set Aside an Order to Void No charge

Filing fees for tenants
Application about Tenant Rights (Form T2) $53
$48 by e-File
Application about Maintenance (Form T6) $53
$48 by e-File
All other tenant applications $53 for first unit + $5 each additional unit to a maximum of $450
Request to Review an Order $58
Motion to Set Aside an Ex Parte Order and Motion to Void an Eviction Order for Arrears of Rent No charge

Other fees for all parties
- Forms and instructions
- Request for written reasons
- Swearing an affidavit
No charge
Copies (paper or electronic) of documents on file $0.54 per page
Certified copy of an order No charge for the first copy mailed to a party; $6.72 for each additional copy
Search for an order or other records First 2 hours free; $8.07 each additional 15 minutes
Recording of a hearing $16.15
Copy of the LTB's Rules and Guidelines $5.38
Copy of compact disk containing supporting documents for an Application for a Rent Increase Above the Guideline $5.38
Witness fees If you summon a witness to a hearing, you must pay the witness to attend. Read the Requesting a Summons brochure for more information.