Resolve the Dispute

The case can be settled by agreement at any time after one year has passed since the application.  If one year has not passed, you will need to go to the case conference first. To settle a case, you and the other party will sign a document, with your representative, if any, and that document will end the case. If you reach a settlement during a case conference or hearing, tell the adjudicator and they will let the CMO know the case is settled.  You can provide a copy of the settlement document to the adjudicator

If the settlement of a case is reached between the parties directly and does not happen at the case conference or the hearing, one of the parties needs to write to AABS and copy the other party. This written notice must include:

  • Date;
  • AABS File Number;
  • A statement that the case has been settled; and
  • A request that the file be closed because the case was settled.