TO | January 28, 2021
Statement on Associate Chair Appointment to the Assessment Review Board

Sean Weir, Executive Chair of Tribunals Ontario, issued the following statement on the Associate Chair appointment to the Assessment Review Board: “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Bednarek as Associate Chair to the Assessment Review Board (ARB), effective January 21, 2021. Ken has over 30 years of experience in both private as […]

TO: Appointees

  • November 10, 2014

Appointees Role of the Appointee Appointees (adjudicators) at Tribunals Ontario hold hearings, make rulings, review and analyze evidence and make decisions. Because the adjudicator is neutral, they cannot provide legal advice or tell you how to present your case. It is up to you to present evidence that supports your position. The adjudicator may ask […]