Observing a Hearing

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Effective June 1, 2024, the ARB is providing enhanced access to its hearings.

As a result, you can observe ARB hearings without making a special request. The ARB will provide seamless and easy access to links for its Zoom hearings in advance through the e-calendar of scheduled events.

All ARB hearings are open to the public, unless directed to be closed due to matters involving public security or intimate financial information, or where personal matters may be disclosed.

Observer etiquette

The ARB requires anyone that is observing a hearing (“observer”) to follow these instructions to limit any disruptions during the proceeding.

  • observers must be on time to the hearing event; latecomers may not be permitted into the hearing until a break, if one occurs
  • observers are prohibited from recording the ARB’s proceedings
  • observers will be asked to identify themselves and provide contact information for the ARB’s records
  • observers must provide and confirm the reason and purpose for their attendance at the hearing
  • observers must mute their microphone and have their camera turned off
  • observers are not able to interact with the parties or the ARB, or otherwise interrupt the hearing
  • observers are responsible for calling back into the videoconference if the ARB ends the zoom call for breaks in a proceeding

The presiding ARB Member may, at their discretion, remove an observer from a proceeding, at any time.

Additional information

For more information about observing an ARB hearing, see: