Tax Calculator

Are you thinking of applying to the Assessment Review Board to lower your property assessment but not sure how much money you could save?

Use the Tax Calculator tool to estimate possible savings.

You will need your:

  • MPAC Notice of Assessment
  • Recent municipal tax bill or another tax issuer in unorganized territories.

* These fields are mandatory.

The calculator takes the difference between the MPAC assessment value and what you believe your property assessment should be and multiplies it by the tax rate provided.


Difference Amount:

$ 0

Possible Savings Amount:

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Note: The savings amount above is only an estimate calculated from the numbers entered. If you used incorrect information, your potential savings could change.

Submitting an appeal to the Board does not guarantee a change in the assessed value of your property. If your assessment value does not change, there will be no savings on your property tax bill.

Review how to file an appeal, the cost and the appeal process before submitting an appeal since the Board’s filing fees are not refundable.