Fee Chart

Note: The ARB sets fees independently from MPAC and are based on Property Code and not Tax Classification. Having a tax classification determined to be Residential by MPAC (RTC/RTQ = RC) does not guarantee the filing fee of Residential, Farm or Managed Forest properties.

Municipal Act, 2001 Appeals

City of Toronto Act, 2006 Appeals

Review of a Board Decision

Footnotes to Fee Schedule

  1. A separate fee is charged for each appeal regardless of the fact that several appeals for a particular roll number are consolidated and heard together.
  2. Multi-residential properties include more than seven self-contained units or vacant land that is zoned for multi-residential development.
  3. If several applications or appeals were heard together and one Board decision was issued in respect of these matters, only one fee will be charged to review the decision.
  4. ARB fees are not determined by MPACs property classification. According to the Assessment Review Board Act, 8.1 the ARB has the authority to set the fees for the appeals.
  5. There is no discount for e-filed tax appeals.