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Appointee Role

Appointees (adjudicators) at Tribunals Ontario hold hearings, make rulings, review and analyze evidence and make decisions. Because the adjudicator is neutral, they cannot provide legal advice or tell you how to present your case. It is up to you to present evidence that supports your position. The adjudicator may ask questions during the hearing. When the hearing is over, the adjudicator might tell you their decision right away or they might "reserve" the decision, which means they will take more time to consider your evidence and submissions. In either case, you will receive the decision in writing. This decision is sometimes called an order.

Appointments Process

As required by the Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act, 2009, and to ensure skilled and qualified individuals are identified, Tribunals Ontario employs a rigorous, competitive, and merit-based selection process for the appointment of adjudicators. Based on the results of this process, the Executive Chair makes recommendations for new appointments and reappointments to the Attorney General of Ontario. Adjudicators are Order-in-Council appointees.

Once approved, and on the recommendation of the Attorney General, the Lieutenant Governor signs an Order-in-Council appointing an individual as an adjudicator to a Tribunals Ontario constituent tribunal. From the time an adjudicator is appointed, it takes on average about six months for the adjudicator to complete their training period before they are able to take on a full schedule of hearings and other adjudicative matters.

The Public Appointments Secretariat website has more information on the appointments process.

Position descriptions:

Executive Chair

Sean Weir was appointed to the position of Executive Chair of Tribunals Ontario on June 2, 2020. His appointment was renewed on December 2, 2022 for an additional three year term.

Sean has an extensive legal background, as well as experience with strategic, operational and governance management, planning and delivery. He was the Chief Executive Officer and National Managing Partner of Borden Ladner Gervais.

In his legal practice, Sean advised financial institutions, corporations and major pension funds. Active in his community, Sean has served as an elected Councillor of the Town of Oakville, a director of the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and a director and Chair of Oakville Hydro. Sean was named a "Diversity Champion" by Women of Influence Magazine, received the Lexpert Zenith Managing Partner Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, and was listed in the Lexpert/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada.