Requesting Records in Tribunals Ontario Files

About Requests for Access to Records

Tribunals Ontario is guided by the open court principle and is committed to transparency, accountability and accessibility in its decision-making and operations.

The records in most Tribunals Ontario case files are available to the public on request.

Most decisions and orders of Tribunals Ontario tribunals are available online for free on CanLII and in some cases on boards' or tribunals' websites.

In limited circumstances, public access may be restricted by a statutory provision, common law rule, or a tribunal or court order that restricts access.

Some tribunals make case files available over the counter for viewing and/or photocopying during office hours, unless they are being used by staff or adjudicators, or have been archived.

Records that are not related to a specific proceeding or case file may be subject to access under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). FIPPA sets out procedures for making requests, establishes timelines for responses, and outlines limited exemptions to the right of access.

If a FIPPA request is required, Tribunals Ontario staff will inform you and assist with processing the request.

For more information about Tribunals Ontario's approach to privacy and access to records, read our Access to Records Policy.

A request for access to records is not always necessary

People who are "parties" to an application or appeal before a Tribunals Ontario board or tribunal or a party's legal representative may not need to make a formal request to get information from the application or appeal file. Parties include:

  • the person or organization who made the application or appeal
  • the person or organization responding to it

Contact your board or tribunal to find out if a formal request is required.

Making a request for access to records

You must make a request in writing. You can complete the Tribunals Ontario Request for Records form or you can send a letter to Tribunals Ontario. Your letter must make it clear you are making a request for records, include your contact information and provide a detailed description of the information you are requesting. The records may be sent to you electronically if you provide an email address.

Fees usually apply to requests for records and depend on the nature of the records requested. If we determine that fees apply to your request, we will advise you before we proceed with your request.

You can submit your Request for Records by email or mail.

Email your request to:

Mail your request to:

Tribunals Ontario

Access to Records and Information Office

15 Grosvenor Street, Ground Floor

Toronto, ON M7A 2G6