Indigenous Services

Learn about Tribunals Ontario’s commitment to providing culturally appropriate Indigenous services.

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Our commitment

Tribunals Ontario (TO) is committed to improving access to culturally appropriate services for every Indigenous individual who comes before any TO tribunal. Tribunals Ontario’s Indigenous Services’ objectives include:

  • Increasing TO’s capacity to understand the unique circumstances of Indigenous peoples, and how these translate to meeting their unique legal needs.
  • Improving relationships between TO leadership and Indigenous communities.
  • Identifying areas where TO can create space for processes led by Indigenous peoples.

Requests for smudging and other Indigenous cultural ceremonies

Tribunals Ontario recognizes that smudging and other Indigenous cultural ceremonies are integral to Indigenous legal traditions.

Tribunals Ontario welcomes requests for smudging and other Indigenous cultural ceremonies during in-person proceedings. TO welcomes these requests in the spirit of its Indigenous Services Commitment, by striving to meet the unique legal needs of Indigenous peoples while upholding the health, safety, and dignity of all participants.

If you identify as a First Nation, Inuit, or Métis person and are a party, representative, witness, or other tribunal participant, you can make this request for an already scheduled in-person proceeding, or through a hybrid of virtual and in-person formats to accommodate Indigenous cultural and ceremonial needs.

Smudging and other Indigenous cultural ceremonies are also welcome during virtual proceedings. Speak to the adjudicator if you need an adjustment to the hearing process (such as a break or recess) to engage in a ceremony.

How to request services

Tribunals Ontario makes every effort to respond to requests for smudging and other Indigenous cultural ceremonies in a timely and respectful way. Making a request in advance of an event helps tribunals’ and facility management partners to make the necessary arrangements to support your needs.

To make a request

Contact the Registrar’s Office of the tribunal you wish to make the request to by email or mail.


Complete the Accommodation Request Form and submit it to the tribunal you are appearing at by email or mail.

If you need help completing the Accommodation Request Form or if you have any questions, please contact the tribunal.