April 20, 2021
Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Seeking Feedback on Improving Services

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) is seeking input on some of its forms, guides, rules and processes to improve its services and to facilitate timelier and more efficient dispute resolution.

To better understand people’s experiences with a selection of the HRTO’s current documents and processes, the HRTO will be engaging virtually in oral consultations with the public and stakeholders, including human rights organizations, advocates, and self-represented parties on April 29, 2021. The HRTO is inviting feedback on the following products:

  • Draft Revised Form 1: Individual Application
  • Draft changes to the HRTO’s Rules to support a Digital-First Strategy
  • Draft Public Hearing Docket to be posted on the HRTO website
  • Draft process on how members of the public can arrange to observe a hearing

Drafts of the documents for consultation are available on our Consultations webpage.

The HRTO is encouraging Ontarians to provide written feedback by email to until May 7, 2021. This feedback will assist in determining options to improve certain documents and processes to support fair, just, and timely case resolution.

“From the oral and written feedback received during the consultation held in November 2020, it is evident that improving access to the HRTO’s services requires us to consider the changing realities of Ontarians who access our services” said Tamara Kronis, Associate Chair at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. “The HRTO is committed to continued stakeholder engagement to provide opportunities for feedback from our stakeholders and the public who provide valuable insight and input on the services we provide.”

In addition to obtaining feedback on the draft documents, the HRTO will be reporting on the feedback received at the previous consultation session held on November 26, 2020. Please refer to the HRTO’s What we heard document for more information.

The HRTO provides accommodation for people who have needs related to any of the grounds listed in the Human Rights Code. If you require an accommodation to participate in the consultation, please advise the HRTO by email to

The HRTO is committed to providing fair, effective and timely dispute resolution services to the people of Ontario.

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