July 2, 2021
Tribunals Ontario Launches “Navigate Tribunals Ontario”, Expands Digital Services to Improve Access to Justice

Tribunals Ontario is launching Navigate Tribunals Ontario, an online tool that will empower users with tailored information about their rights and responsibilities and the rules and processes at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB).

“Navigate Tribunals Ontario is an example of how we are putting users first as we expand our digital services to improve access to justice,” said Sean Weir, Executive Chair of Tribunals Ontario.

The innovative new digital solution is a part of the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Justice Accelerated Strategy, which is speeding up access to justice and moving more services online. The online tool makes it easy and convenient to access information about the Residential Tenancies Act and LTB rules and processes.

Features include:

  • A series of questions guides users along pathways tailored to their situation.
  • Info-sheets and summary reports, which include next steps and links to relevant resources, can be printed, emailed or downloaded at any time.
  • A unique access code gives users the option to exit the navigation and come back later to pick up where they left off.
  • No requirement to log in or provide personal details.

“Most tenants and small landlords are not legal experts,” said Harry Gousopoulos, Executive Director of Tribunals Ontario. “Navigate Tribunals Ontario offers users clear, plain language information and options to help manage their dispute.”

“The new and innovative Navigate Tribunals Ontario is a great example of the breakthroughs we are achieving for the people of Ontario through the Justice Accelerated strategy which is focusing on building a more accessible, responsive and resilient justice system” said Attorney General Doug Downey. “This groundbreaking digital solution will better meet the expectations of people looking to resolve disputes at the Landlord and Tenant Board and other tribunals across the province.”

Enhancements to Navigate Tribunals Ontario planned for later this summer include new pathways with information about co-operative housing evictions, and care home and mobile home tenancies.

Later this year, Tribunals Ontario will launch a new case management system – the Tribunals Ontario Portal. Once launched, LTB parties will be able to file applications and upload documents on the Tribunals Ontario Portal and log in to view their case file. They will also have the opportunity to work with other parties to resolve their dispute, or request help from an LTB mediator, all online.

Over the next three years, Navigate Tribunals Ontario and the Tribunals Ontario Portal will be expanded to more tribunals, boards and commissions.

Navigate Tribunals Ontario and the Tribunals Ontario Portal are two user-focused digital tools that will help provide timely, efficient and accessible dispute resolution services to the people of Ontario.

More Information:

  • In March 2021, the Ministry of the Attorney General announced its investment in Navigate Tribunals Ontario and the Tribunals Ontario Portal as part of its Justice Accelerated Strategy.
  • Landlords and tenants can continue to call the LTB toll-free at 1-888-332-3234 or by using TTY for the hearing impaired at 1-800-855-0511.
  • In March 2020, Tribunals Ontario accelerated its digital first strategy in response to the pandemic. Parties are benefitting from the convenience of hearings by video and phone, communication by email, online fee payment, electronic filing of applications and online forms.

Janet Deline
Tribunals Ontario Communications

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