March 21, 2022
Licence Appeal Tribunal Expanding its Scheduling Model to Provide More Timely and Responsive Service to all AABS Parties

The Licence Appeal Tribunal – Automobile Accident Benefits Service (LAT–AABS) is expanding a canvassing-based scheduling model to all oral adjudicative events.

Starting March 21, 2022, LAT-AABS parties will receive an email that provides available dates for an upcoming oral adjudicative event. Parties can then select three preferred dates for consideration. This process will be fully managed by the LAT-AABS scheduling unit.

“We are committed to ensuring that every person who engages with our tribunal has an opportunity to be heard, and to participate in a process that is fair, transparent, convenient, and timely. The expanded model will give all LAT-AABS parties the opportunity to select case conference and oral hearing dates that work best for them. We are expanding this model based on positive stakeholder feedback following our 2020 pilot and continued engagement with stakeholders in 2021,” said Sara Mintz, Associate Chair of the Licence Appeal Tribunal.

LAT-AABS is committed to ongoing improvement and creating efficiencies in its operations and ensuring that its model is responsive to the needs of stakeholders.

More information

  • In 2020, LAT-AABS conducted a pilot project to canvass parties for preferred dates for case conference events on catastrophic files.
  • LAT-AABS is responsible for adjudicating applications and resolving disputes concerning an insured person’s entitlement to, or amount of, statutory motor vehicle accident benefit(s).

Janet Deline
Tribunals Ontario Communications

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