Rules, Practice Directions and Guidelines


There are two parts to the rules that govern the procedures of the LTB. Part I is the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO) Common Rules and Part II is the LTB-specific Rules. Both parts should be read together.

The LTB-specific rules were revised on January 23, 2019.

Practice Directions

Practice directions support the rules and provide guidance about what the tribunal expects of the parties and what the parties can expect of the tribunal. They help parties to understand the rules.

Interpretation Guidelines

Interpretation guidelines explain how the LTB might deal with an issue in an application.

Guideline 1: Adjourning and Rescheduling Hearings
Guideline 2: Payment into the Board
Guideline 3: Costs
Guideline 4: Abandonment of a Rental Unit
Guideline 5: Breach of Maintenance Obligations
Guideline 6: Tenants Rights
Guideline 7: Relief from Eviction - Refusing or Delaying an Eviction
Guideline 8: Review of an Order
Guideline 9: Eviction for an Illegal Act or Business
Guideline 10: Procedural Issues Regarding Eviction Applications
Guideline 11: Eviction for Failure to Pay Rent
Guideline 12: Eviction for Personal Use, Demolition, Repairs and Conversion
Guideline 13: Other Powers of the Board
Guideline 14: Applications for Rent Increases Above the Guideline
Guideline 15: Amending an Order
Guideline 16: Administrative Fines
Guideline 17: Human Rights
Guideline 18: Restricting Public Access to In-Person and Electronic Hearings
Guideline 19: The Landlord's Right of Entry into a Rental Unit
Guideline 20: Parties, Agents and Representatives
Guideline 21: Landlords, Tenants, Occupants and Residential Tenancies