April 26, 2024
Ontario Civilian Police Commission’s Administration of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board Comes to an End

On April 19, 2022, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (“Commission”) issued an order appointing Mr. Malcolm Mercer as Administrator pursuant to its authority under ss. 23(1) and 24(1) of the Police Services Act (PSA). The Administrator was to restore proper governance, to ensure that the Thunder Bay Police Services Board (“Board”) is providing sufficient oversight of police services in Thunder Bay, and to re-establish public confidence in the Board and Thunder Bay Police Services’ (“police service”) ability to deliver adequate and effective policing services in the community.

As the Commission’s mandate has been completed, the Administrator’s term has now come to an end. The Commission would like to thank Mr. Malcolm Mercer for his thoughtfulness and integrity in working with the police service and its civilian oversight.

Since Mr. Mercer’s appointment, Chief of Police Fleury has been appointed by the Board and sworn in. A new Board is now in place. The Board, Chief Fleury and the police service have begun to address the important challenges facing people in Thunder Bay.

There are now structures in place, such as the Governance Committee of the Board and newly adopted Board policies to ensure transparency and accountability. In furtherance of these objectives, the Commission has requested that the Board report twice a year on its progress on the implementation of the recommendations as set out in the Broken Trust report of the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, in the final report of the Honourable Murray Sinclair to the Commission, and in Mr. Mercer’s final report. A summary of Mr. Mercer’s final report is now posted on the Commission’s website.

We wish the Board, the police service, and the people of Thunder Bay success in the challenging work that is necessary to ensure public safety and to ensure that the police service is trusted by everyone in the community to deal fairly and effectively with its important responsibilities.

Janet Deline
Tribunals Ontario Communications

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