When an applicant names an organization as a respondent, they are asked to provide the name of a contact person for that organization. If the named contact person is not the right person within the organization to receive a human rights application, delays can result.
If your organization would like to establish a regular contact person, the HRTO will use that person as the contact in any application naming your organization, regardless of the contact person named in the application.

Please note that this does not change the practice for individuals named as respondents. Any individual named in the application as a respondent will continue to be treated as a party to the proceeding.

If you would like to establish a regular contact for your organization, please send the following information to the Registrar:

– Name and position of the person making the request;
– The name and contact information for the contact person, including email address if possible; and,
– A request that the HRTO use the named contact person as the organization’s contact in any applications filed with the HRTO naming the organization.

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