Tribunals Ontario is pleased to announce that effective August 16, 2019, it will be implementing a French Language Services Policy (FLS Policy) which applies to all 19 of its tribunals across three divisions: Environment and Land, Social Justice, and Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards.

Tribunals Ontario is committed to an active offer of French language services, and to ensure that French language services are clearly visible, readily available, easily accessible, publicized, and of equivalent quality to services offered in English. As part of the implementation of the policy, all Tribunals Ontario staff and adjudicators had the opportunity to attend training sessions and were required to read the policy to understand their role in delivering French language services.

Over the last number of months, we have met with stakeholders to develop a policy that would:

  • Ensure compliance with the provisions of the French Language Services Act in guaranteeing the right to receive services in French;
  • Inform the public how Tribunals Ontario provides French language services;
  • Reflect Tribunals Ontario’s commitment to the provision of French Language Services and to establish the organization as a leader in the administrative justice sector.

We would like to thank our stakeholders for the valuable input we received and your partnership in the development of this important policy. We look forward to continuing to serve Franco-Ontarians.

Read the Tribunals Ontario French Language Services Policy.