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What We Do

The Custody Review Board (CRB) hears applications and makes recommendations on the placement of young people in custody or detention. The CRB operates under the jurisdiction of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act and the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

If you are a young person who was charged with an offence that occurred when you were under the age of 18, you may be able to apply to the Custody Review Board for:

  • a review of the youth justice placement where you are being held or transferred to
  • a review of your transfer from a place of open custody to a place of secure custody
  • a review of the decision by the Provincial Director to deny your request for a temporary release or reintegration leave from a custody facility.

Most reviews are conducted as inquiries over the phone and are completed very quickly. The CRB can also choose to hold a hearing. The CRB members who conduct the reviews have knowledge and expertise relating to youth and youth justice.

The CRB is one of thirteen tribunals which form Tribunals Ontario. The CRB does its work in keeping with the core values of Tribunals Ontario:

  • Accessibility
  • Fairness and independence
  • Timeliness
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism and public service

Accessibility and Accommodations

The CRB wants to ensure that everyone is able to participate in its proceedings on an equal basis. If you think you might have problems participating in the CRB application and review process, please let your case processing officer know right away. We might be able to find another way of doing things, which we call “providing an accommodation”.

The CRB will accommodate Human Rights Code-related needs, which are outlined in the Tribunals Ontario Accessibility and Accommodation Policy.

Language Services

French language services

The CRB’s documents and forms are available in both French and English. CRB proceedings can be conducted in English, French or in both languages. If you request a review in French, a bilingual member will be assigned to your case. If you made your request in English but would prefer to continue in French, complete the Request for French Language Services form and send by email to CFSRB@ontario.ca.

The CRB is one of thirteen tribunals that form Tribunals Ontario (TO). TO is committed to ensuring that French language services are clearly visible, easily accessible, and publicized and of equivalent quality to services offered in English. See the TO’s French Language Services Policy for more information.

Languages other than English or French

The CRB can provide interpreters for languages other than French or English, including sign language. If you need an interpreter, tell the case processing officer when you are completing the application or as soon as possible afterwards.

All correspondence submitted to the CRB must be in English or French. The CRB does not provide translation services, including translating correspondence from French to English or English to French.