Starting March 1, 2017, applicants filing bulk applications (three or more applications at the same time), will notice the following changes:

  1. The LTB will serve applicant Notice of Hearing packages by email to bulk-filers
    The LTB tested this process with selected applicants. The applicants liked the process and the LTB found it was efficient.
  2. Applicants must complete a Bulk Application Information Sheet and include it when they bulk file.
    The completed sheet provides information about the applications in the bulk filing.

    It also tells the LTB:

    • who should receive the packages
    • whether the person bulk filing wants to:
      1. get their packages by email (to be sent to an email address they provide), or
      2. pick up their packages at the LTB office where they filed.
  3. The LTB will no longer send Notice of Hearing packages to bulk filers by regular mail.

Some processes unchanged

The LTB will continue to send Notice of Hearing packages by regular mail to:

  • tenants and other respondents in bulk-filed applications
  • landlords and tenants involved in applications that are not bulk-filed

These changes don’t apply to:

  • Co-op eviction applications
  • Above guideline increase applications
  • Applications to vary the amount of a rent reduction