Filing a Response

How do I Respond to an Application?

You are a party who must respond to an application if you receive:

  • A completed AABS application form and
  • A Notice of Application from AABS directing you to file a response.

The responding party will usually be the insurance company, but sometimes it is the injured person who must respond to an application that was started by the insurance company.

There are three steps to responding to an AABS application:

The Notice of Application from AABS will ask you to:

  1. Complete and send the response form within 10 business days;
  2. Send a copy to the other party or their representative; and
  3. Send the response to AABS and complete a Certificate of Service to tell AABS how you have sent the response to the other party.

1. Complete the Response Form

An insurance company must complete the Response by an Insurance Company

A claimant must complete the Response by an Injured Person

2. Send a copy of the completed response to the other party and their representative

Make sure the other party gets a copy of your response. You can deliver it, send it by courier or mail, fax or e-mail it. 

​3. Tell AABS how you did it on the Certificate of Service

You can send your completed Response and Certificate of Service to AABS by mail, email, or E-File.

Note: Documents you submit to the tribunal are available to the public on request subject to limited exceptions.