A new instructional video posted to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) website explains how to e-File applications.

e-File with the Landlord and Tenant Board: A Video Guide can be accessed through the Videos page or the LTB e-File page. The step-by-step animated video helps to make electronic filing more accessible, especially for first-time users.

LTB e-File allows landlords and tenants across Ontario to file the most common LTB applications (L1, L2, T2 and T6), online at anytime from anywhere. Since the LTB introduced online filing in July 2015, it has become the most popular method to file. Last year, (2017-18), the LTB received 31,002 applications through e-File, accounting for nearly half of all those applications received at the board, a 15% jump over the previous year.

The LTB has five other videos: About the Board; Filing an Application; How Mediation Can Help You; Getting Ready for Your Hearing; and Your Hearing Day. All the videos are captioned and available in English and French.

Videos make the Landlord and Tenant Board more accessible for everyone and may be particularly helpful for people who are visual learners or have disabilities which affect language processing.