Hearing Resources

The following resources are provided to assist you with your hearing. If you have questions, please visit our Renting in Ontario webpage or email us at LTB@ontario.ca.


  • L1/L9 Application Information Update (PDF) – A form that landlords must complete if they have filed an L1 or L9 application. This form lets the LTB know if anything has changed since filing the application. You will need to upload this document to the Tribunals Ontario Portal "File Documents" section or send a completed copy to the LTB by email 7 days before the hearing.


  • Issues a Tenant intends to Raise at a Rent Arrears Hearing (PDF) – A form for tenants to list any tenant rights or maintenance issues that they intend to raise at a rent arrears (L1/L9) hearing. Important Note: if you wish to raise these issues you must complete and serve this form at least 7 days before the hearing. Please see the detailed instructions on the form.

Landlords and Tenants

  • Legal Aid Information (PDF) – An information sheet for landlords and tenants explaining the free legal services offered by Legal Aid Ontario.
  • Information about Zoom Video Hearings at the LTB (PDF) – A document that provides guidelines and information for videoconference hearings on the Zoom platform at the LTB. This document includes step by step instructions on how to participate in a videoconference hearing at the LTB.
  • TO’s Video Proceedings page – Visit this page for helpful virtual hearing resources, including instructional video guides about how to join an LTB virtual hearing, how to use Zoom controls, and what to expect at an LTB virtual hearing.
  • Accommodation Request Form (PDF) – Use this form to submit a request for accommodation to the LTB. Accommodations are arrangements that allow everyone to participate fully in the tribunal process, regardless of their abilities. For more information regarding our accommodation process, please visit our Request an Accommodation webpage.
  • Request for French Language Services Form (PDF) – Use this form to request French language services from the LTB. If you use the Tribunals Ontario Portal (TOP) to manage your LTB file, upload your completed request directly in your file by choosing “Request for French Language Services” under the list of documents. Otherwise, you can send your completed form by email to LTB@ontario.ca.

Zoom Technical Support

If you have technical issues joining your hearing on Zoom, you can email LTBHearingSupport@ontario.ca, or call 416-212-9064 (toll-free 866-769-7865). Staff will help you join your hearing.

The support line will be monitored between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Thursday, and from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday.

When you call for support, you will be asked to leave a brief voice message explaining the issue you are experiencing and provide your contact phone number. Staff will call you back promptly.

You should call this number or send an email only if you have a technical issue joining Zoom on the day of your hearing.